If you spot smoke, flames, or unattended fires on Galiano call 911 immediately and your fire department will respond.

Wildfires in BC are a common occurrence every summer as our forests and grasslands dry out and natural events like lightning or human activity like campfires and cigarette butts become incredibly dangerous.  BC is very well prepared for wildfire both through Prevention and Public Education as well as Protection from BC Wildfire.  Your fire department is also prepared.  We have response guidelines and equipment tailored specifically to wildfire response, and support from BC Wildfire is a phone call away.

On Galiano Island we all live in or near a forest.  Where Forests meet residential areas is called an Interface Zone in fire fighting terms, and Interface fire strategy and training has become an increasingly necessary component of Fire Department Planning.

Galiano Island is lucky in many ways, but we must never be complacent.  The risk of Wildfire is present every year, and we all must take measures to reduce risk and be prepared.  FireSmart activity for our landscapes and homes is critical for the preservation of our lifestyle and an essential first step for crews providing structure protection.  You can help your Fire Department and Emergency Support Services by being prepared and ready to evacuate if necessary.