Safety and Health

Safety and Health is our number 1 priority, make it yours too!


  • Never Burn in strong wind conditions!
  • Protect yourself from flames and sparks!
  • Do not use fuels to ignite your fire!

Fire Watch and Suppression Tools

  • Suppression Tools include but are not limited to shovels, picks or domestic water supply and or portable water supply.
  • Fire Watch is conducted during and after burning.  Never leave your fire unattended.

Setbacks and fire location

Campfires, Burn Barrels and Solid Fuel appliances should always be placed in a location where there are no combustible materials such as dry grass, overhanging branches, or buildings within 7.5 metres.

Category 2 Open Burns must be 

  • 10 metres from any building, structure, fence, tree, or hedge

Category 3 Open burns must be

  • Inspected by the Fire Chief and registered with BC Wildfire
  • Venting Index Rating of Good
  • 100 metres from buildings
  • 500 metres from the nearest property line of schools, hospitals, care facilities


Burn without making smoke

  • Never burn vegetation or wood that is freshly cut or wet.
  • Burning grass clippings and leaves is not permitted.
  • Consult the Venting Index to find a day where smoke will dissipate into the air.

Ventilation Index/Smoke Sensitivity Zones

  • Ventilation Index of Fair or Good

If anything goes wrong….call 911

BC Wildfire Open Burning