Prepare your Driveway for Emergency Services

“You called, we’re there, now what?”

To ensure your driveway allows timely emergency response,  here are a few simple guidelines and considerations for your driveway. 

Display your address

  • CRD Bylaw 4077 states: “The civic address must be visible from all directions and clear from any vegetation or obstruction.”  
  • When numbering with reflective material “each number must be at least 6.5cm in height”
  • When numbering without reflective material “each number must be at least 15cm in height and contrast sharply with any background colour.”

Overhead clearances

(Trees and POWER LINES

13’ of clearance will permit any truck access to your residence.  If your Hydro lines are low or your trees are overgrown, this can reduce our response time to your emergency or worse, cause unnecessary damage to a public asset (Firetruck) or injury to a Volunteer (Firefighter)

12’ Wide Drivable Surface

This may seem unnecessary to you, but when you’re driving a 30’ long truck in an emergency, the roads, and driveways here are often inadequate.  You can’t fix the road, but your driveway is your responsibility.

Parking Space/Turn around

It should go without saying but it needs to be said, we’d like to park safely at your house.

If your driveway is more than 90 meters long, provincial standards indicate a turnaround for Fire Trucks is mandatory within 30 meters of the residence.  We can also use this space to position a Fire Truck or portable water tank.

CRD Bylaw 4077Driveway and Road Standards