Burning Permits


Open burning allowed by permit from April to June as long as the Fire Danger Rating remains below High. When the Fire Danger Rating is at High or Extreme, existing Category 2 & 3 permits will be suspended, and Category 1 burning may be prohibited based on the conditions at the site (contained fire pit 7.5 m from combustible structures and vegetation on non-combustible surface of at least 3 m in diameter), the length of time at High or Extreme and whether the conditions pose such a great risk that even a well-situated campfire can be dangerous.

Burning prohibitions that are put in place by the province must be obeyed on Galiano, but the North and South Fire Chiefs may choose to impose restrictions greater than those of the province based on local conditions. Always check the website for current prohibitions and restrictions before carrying out any Open Burning or High Risk Activities.

Category 3 open burning (>3m in diameter or >2m high and/or 3 or more piles burning concurrently) must be registered with the BCWS Open Fire Tracking System (OFTS) by calling 1-888-797-1717 or emailing hpr.1800@gov.bc.ca.

General Information:

Burning Permits are issued by the Fire Chief of your area Fire Department. Choose your Fire Department to access the new online permit or find out how to complete an in-person permit.

Please read your permit carefully, each permit type has specific conditions that must be met, and each permit type also has an expiry date.

Permits may be cancelled by the Fire Chief at any time. Even if you have a valid permit, you must check with your Fire Department to make sure there are no bans in place. You can do this by referring to the home page section for restricted activities or contacting your Fire Department.

Before filling out a permit you are required to be familiar with the restrictions set out in CRD Bylaw 4489, the BC Wildfire Regulation and the BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. If you are not familiar with these legislations, you can find them on our website under the Menu for Burning and Permits where we have also provided simpler information that will prepare you for meeting the requirements of said legislation.

Under Burning Information, you will find Learn about Burning which describes the types of Open Burning. 5 Steps to Burning is a simple process to follow that will help you comply with the regulations of all three types of legislation.

Under Burning Safety and Health you will find the information necessary to make sure your fire is in the safest location by reading Setbacks and Fire Prevention. Preparation and Suppression tells you how to properly store your materials before burning, and what measures to take to supervise and extinguish your fire. Reducing Smoke provides a link to the environmental legislation and explains the health reasons for burning as cleanly as possible.

Get a Permit

When completing an online permit there are three areas to complete. The top fields are acknowledgements common to all Permit Types. Then, select your Permit Type (campfire, burn barrel etc.) and complete the necessary fields for that type only. Finally, complete the permit with your name, address, and phone #. If the three areas are not complete you cannot send the permit.
When submitting an online permit, you will receive an automatic reply stating your permit has been received. If a ban is in place, it will be stated in the auto reply and your permit will not be valid. If no ban is in place you may proceed with your burning.

Now you can choose your Fire Department to get a permit.

South Galiano

Apply Online

Or Call or Email for in-person applications ↓

South Galiano Volunteer Fire Department
261 Georgeson Bay Rd. Galiano Island BC
250 539 2131 | info@gvfd.capermits@gvfd.ca 

North Galiano

Apply Online

Or Call or Email for in-person applications ↓

North Galiano Volunteer Fire Department
19400 Porlier Pass Road Galiano Island BC
250 539 5453 | NorthPermits@gvfd.ca