Venting Index

The Venting Index is a weather forecast system used for predicting how well smoke will mix into the air and disperse. The system analyzes the mixing height of the atmosphere and the wind speed to determine if a given day is Good, Fair, or Poor.

Before you burn an open fire such as a Category 2 or 3 Fire it may be mandatory to consult the venting index for a day that is rated Good or Fair on the Venting Index. Consulting the Venting index is a requirement within the OBSCR (Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations). If the wood you are burning in your Categories 2 or 3 fire is larger than 10cm in diameter, you may only burn when the Venting Index is Good or Fair.

Your Fire Departments and your neighbours would like you to consult the Venting Index, purely to reduce the amount of smoke in our backyard and yours. Good venting does not make up for bad burning habits. Please refer to Reducing Smoke on this Website for more information.

You may consult the Interactive Venting Index Map to determine whether you are able to burn or you may consult the Venting Index Text version to see the data for our region. The Text page shows Ventilation Index and Windspeed across the Province for a two-day period. The first day will show the index at 7am and 4 pm, and the next day will only show only 4 pm. Our region is Southern Vancouver Island (SRN VAN ISLD under COAST).

Venting Index MapVenting Index Text