5 Steps to Safe Burning

The term “Open Burning” applies to Campfires, Burn Barrels (incinerators), Solid Fuel Appliances, and Burning Yard Waste in Piles.  Open Burning regulations are produced by the province (OBSCR and BC Wildfire) and our local municipality (CRD Bylaw 4489).  Permits for open burning on Galiano Island are issued by Fire Departments.  

Open Burning is always closed July-Sept.  

Fire Departments are also responsible for Orders to Extinguish and issuing Fines.  Each type of Open Burning has different permissions and restrictions so it’s necessary to know the rules and consult your Fire Department before you start burning.  Go to 5 steps to burning for a simple step by step process to follow.

Step 1

Make sure there is no Garbage and Recycling in your pile

Don’t burn your furniture, plastics, Styrofoam, treated wood or wood products. Or oil, fuel, paint, tires, shingles, compost, clothing, bio medical waste, batteries, electronics, carpet, fiberglass. Or fireworks, flares, ammunition.  These restrictions are not advice but are requirements, and you may be fined.  Scroll down to get info on Responsible Waste and Recycling Options.

Step 2

Learn about Burning

Types of Burning

  • Campfires
  • Solid Fuel Appliances
  • Burn Barrels
  • Open Burning Categories

Safety and Health

  • Fire Watch and Suppression Tools
  • Burn without making smoke 
  • Ventilation Index/Smoke Sensitivity Zones (link to Map, and Text for Ventilation)
  • Setbacks
  • Call 911 if your fire is out of control

Read the legislation

Step 3

Consult your Fire Department

For correct expert information and advice.  

Always check first if burning is permitted.  Your Fire Chief may close Open Burning at any time if weather conditions make burning dangerous.

NO OPEN BURNING during July, August, September (includes burn barrels, campfires)

PERMITS ARE REQUIRED from October 1st-31st and March 1- June 31st

No matter the time of year permission to have an outdoor fire is Dependent on a Fire Danger Rating of Moderate or Low.   

Step 4

Get A Permit

Permits are required by law to be written.  You can obtain a permit online. (you can also make an appointment to fill out a paper permit at the firehall)  

Choose your fire department to get the right permit.

  • North Galiano
  • South Galiano

Step 5

Extinguish Your Fire

No burning after 4pm or within 2 hours of sunset whichever happens first.

Extinguish with water until cool.  The only exception to this rule are, Campfires or Solid Fuel Appliances.

Responsible Waste and Recycling Options

On Galiano

  • Garbage Drop off or pick up – Private Business (rates apply Phone#250 539 3174) 
  • Galiano Island Recycling Resource Center (free for residents, rates apply to business) 250 539 5769
  • About GIRR – Galiano Island Recycling Resources Society
  • Wood Waste – Multiple contractors are available to provide on-site wood chipping or Bin service for large quantities.  Call the Fire Hall for a list.